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The Darn Funk Orchestra have an album that was recorded in 2014 and has been signed to Plankton Records (click here for Plankton Record's webpage). It was released on their label in August 2015. To pre order your copy please click here.


"Epic Album! It is what you call quirky with its proper funk and deep lyrics. It's got awesome ideas, outstanding performances and genuinely hangs together as a work of art. What's more it is stimulating and edifying in equal measure. Soul food indeed."

Jim Overton - Cambridge and District YFC

"These songs have more original lyrics, often exploring faith themes from creative viewpoints. For example, the title track "Soul Food" uses the extended metaphor of preaching-as-diet; decrying "fast-food" sermons and pleading for sustaining "meat" from the pulpit. Jimmy really goes to town with this imagery in often humorous and yet challenging lyrics. Other standout tracks are the quieter moments, which showcase Jimmy's ability to write in other genres, and do 'serious' music as well as party tunes. "Grace" is simply beautiful songwriting. This CD is well worth getting hold of and should secure the band more gigs and exposure."

Sam Hargreaves - Engage Worship / London School of Theology


The Darn Funk Orchestra's debut album was released in January 2016 and is available to purchase through Plankton Records: the record label that released the CD. See


The album is also available all major digital download and streaming sites worldwide (iTunes, Spotify and Amazon)

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