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Ricardo Ruiz Munoz - Sax


The DFO has seen a lot of sax players on its books but our longest serving sax player is the Spanish bull fighter Ricardo. He played most of our gigs between 2012 and 2014, and on the majority of the Soul Food album. Ric brings a lot of stage charisma when playing live and oozes fun! He moved on for some gigging in Thailand but sometimes comes back to London and does the occasional gig. He is always a hit with
the ladies. 

Matt Crawley - Bass


Matt is a very thoughtful and funky chap. A graduate at the institute of contemporary music and a very tight bass player, citing influences from Motown and anything to do with Nile Rodgers. He stepped in to complete the Soul Food album in 2014 when our previous bassist moved on and has played plenty of gigs ever since. His first experience of the DFO was stepping in to play sax in 2011. He also has a fine collection of bow ties.

James Darn - Vocals and Drums


Jimmy D writes songs, plays the drums, has a keen interest in philosophy and theology, knows some stuff about music and is currently finding it really weird writing about himself in the third person...!musician/cee5

Chris Snead - Trumpet


Chris oozes dry crusty wit, plays trumpet really flipping well and is probably the most over qualified musician ever to play regularly with the DFO. His greatest contribution to the band is his trumpet rendition of the Van Halen guitar solo in Michael Jackson's Beat It. His CV boasts studying music at Guildhall and playing with the likes of the London City Big Band and venues such as Ronnie Scotts. However, we're delighted that his fluffy sideburns help keep him down to earth. James and Chris knew each other growing up around the Cambridgeshire ghettos and we're delighted to be reunited via the London episode of the DFO project.

Ed Dampier  - Guitar


Ed joined the DFO in 2011 playing at every gig and colours the music with his unique interpretation of our style. He studied at the Guitar Institute without losing any of his original style. By all means Ed can play funk like a session musician but he brings a lot more; especially a British, earthy, psychedelic vibe and excellence, through his guitar solos. If pressed, our very own homeless cowboy would say his favourite funk band are Led Zeppelin, which you'd notice if you listened to his instrumental solo album: Blues Delux!


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