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Whilst studying at Drum Tech I had the privilege of doing a few modules in latin percussion. If there was one thing that I learned it was that playing congas is a lot harder than it looks. Serious players deserve great respect. I'm not a serious player but I have since performed as a percussionist in a few projects and run various percussion workshops. Additionally, I have also played orchestral percussion in orchestral events - both professionally and voluntarily.


My professional experience includes 


Bijoumiyo - (2007) Funk / club house band (lead by Myles Sanko)

Arco Iris - (2005-2007) Cambridge's Community samba band

Percussion and DJ clubs nights (2006-2015)- Playing live with DJ at clubs eg

Northwood military band - both ensemble and parades including timpani and side drum

The Cambridge University Gilbert and Sullivan society - Orchestral percussion in theatre productions  


I have a set of congas, djembe, darbouka, guiro and a big box of miscellaneous percussion. I don't own any orchestral percussion.

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