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Originals Gigs


The DFO now have quite a selection of original tunes, mostly written by band leader James, including all the material from their recently recorded album SOUL FOOD. The DFO also have countless funky arrangements of Psalms (ancient Hebrew poetry) which are sung in their English translations word for word and are designed to dance into the ears of the modern western human; especially those that like a good groove.


The DFO like to play fun songs with a subtly serious, deep message and go to town with their arrangements and solos. Our showcase gigs contain the occasional cover too, especially when the message of the tune is relevant, such as songs of social justice by Curtis Mayfield or Virtual Insanity by Jamiroquai, exposing the lack of spiritual insight coming from an over-reliance on technology.


We’ve played numerous jazz cafes, festivals and outreach events, and are looking forward to doing even more…


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Club nights / Parties / Weddings


The DFO have played at a variety of clubs, bars and balls, including Cambridge La Raza, The Cambridge Vaults, Trinity Harrow, Wax London, countless pubs, May balls at Cambridge University and more wedding receptions than you can shake a stick at.


We’re happy to tailor our sets for who ever books us. We have a big repertoire of covers and if it’s wanted we weave our original tunes around them with extended solo sections to pump the crowd into a frenzy. We’re also happy to learn a few extra songs for a gig, especially for first dances at wedding receptions.


Disclaimer: You may have noticed that we are a band with a Christian vibe that play some Church events, so if that puts you off DON’T WORRY. we are not going to start singing religious music and put off your customers/ guests. We are very professional and have plenty of material and covers that are suitable for any setting.


To enquire about booking us for your event click here


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